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Welcome to Rucheli's Writings! November 12, 2009

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As I’m sure you can tell, this site is still in it’s development stages. I’ve managed to back-post all articles that have been run in the Orlando Judaism Examiner column as well as the Heritage Florida Jewish News. The other features will, G-d willing, be up soon!

There will be two main focuses of this website. The first will be to provide a home for all of my writing examples. These will of course include all of my pieces as a Jewish writer, such as those published in the Orlando Judaism Examiner column, as well as copies of those written specifically for the Florida Heritage Jewish News, in addition to any other freelance Jewish writings that I am commissioned for. Additionally, I will eventually have my technical writing posted here as well. This will include all publications, papers, and articles that have been written for any of the engineering, technical, or business fields either of my own design or as freelance work.

The other main focus of this website will be to serve as a base for my freelance business. I’m available for freelance writing, editing, and proofreading. Technically I specialize in engineering-related work since that is where my college education lies, however I am willing to do the research necessary to branch out my freelance writing and editing business.

Although I enjoy the technical freelance side of my work, my pride and joy is my Jewish writing and editing. I’m very attached to Chabad-Lubavitch movement and really enjoy writing newsletter, magazine, and SEO (search engine optimization) online articles. This serves to bring more attention to the amazing work that the movement does, and so I offer reduced rates to any Chabad emissary looking for freelance writing services. No matter what Jewish affiliation you have though, I’m more than happy discuss how freelance writing can attract new visitors to your website, office, or synagogue.


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