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Chanukah at Chabad: An Orlando holiday review December 20, 2009

Cagan's Crossings Menorah

Jeff and Sandra Cagan of Cagan's Crossings with Rabbi Yosef Konikov of the Chabad of South Orlando

Chanukah is the one Jewish holiday that everyone celebrates the same way. For Shabbat, Passover, and even the High Holidays everyone has their own traditions and customs depending on their family background and their level of observance. But Chanukah? Besides the everlasting debate on the English spelling of the holiday’s name, the actual practices are all the same. Dreidels, latkes, and Chanukah gelt (chocolate coins) are standard no matter what Jewish upbringing you’ve had. Every Jew lights one more candle each night on their menorah, every Jew spends time with family, and every Jew looks forward to their eight nights of presents. And no matter what, every Jew is invited to celebrate Chanukah with Chabad.

This year the Chabad of South Orlando celebrated Chanukah with not one, but two public menorah lighting festivals, going above and beyond all expectations! Please visit the Orlando Judaism Examiner column for a review of the Dr. Phillips Menorah Lighting and the Cagan’s Crossing Menorah Lighting.


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