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Am I the Only One? July 25, 2010

Filed under: Featured,Headline,My Blog — rucheli @ 11:36 pm

After spending 12 hours at work today fixing a 30 minute project that turned out to be a hornets’ nest waiting to be kicked, I found myself wondering if I’m the only one…

Am I the only frum female working and living in a man’s world?

I mean really, engineering by definition is only about 13% female in the first place. And the world is only about 0.03% “Orthodox” Jewish. So one would expect that engineering is about 0.0039% Orthodow Jewish. And assuming a 50/50 split male female, that would mean that about 0.00145% of all engineers are frum and female like myself.

The government says that there about 1.6 million engineers in the United States… So .00145% of 1.6 million is about 23…. Twenty three of us?!



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