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Good morning, Brooklyn! September 1, 2010

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Just a quick update before I head out for day 2 in New York City 🙂

Yesterday was an incredibly long day. Not sleeping at all on Monday night didn’t help, I’m sure. I had to be at the airport at 4:30am Tuesday for my 6am flight… or so I thought. Of course I got there and my flight was delayed 3.5 hours, so Dad and I just hung out for a little while and then through security and off I went.

I got into New York around noon. Of course by the time I got my luggage and took a taxi into Crown Heights (Brooklyn) it was 1:30 or so. I found my way to RL’s house, but she wasn’t there so her sister CB let me in. After getting settled in, I went to go see Estee for the first time since she got married… she’s so happy 🙂 I hung out at her work (Bais Chana) for a while before stopping by Empire Kosher for some sushi that I’ve been craving for several months. Then some shopping on Kingston Ave., a mint chocolate milkshake to hold me over until dinner (yummm) and some relaxing in the least-relaxing city in the world 😉 Dinner was with the Dubovs, and the conversation and good company lasted until about midnight before I found my way home and PASSED OUT.

It was a great first day away from home, and being in Crown Heights is always a vacation for my soul… Everything is so much easier here. All the restaurants are kosher, there’s a shul on every corner, the stores only sell clothes that are tznius (modest), and every person you meet on the street is Jewish… and observant also. You know everyone with no more than 2 degrees of separation, and whether you know them or not, 99% of them are willing to be your friend if you need a helping hand. I don’t know if I could live here forever, but I’d definitely like to give a year or two a shot! Maybe once I find a husband to live here with 😉


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