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The Chicken Dance, Pt. 2 September 21, 2010

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Where to begin about the last four days??

I suppose I should start where the last post left off: the chicken dance. Kaparos was Thursday afternoon… And yes, I participated. I did NOT touch the chicken though, they looked gross and I was freaking out enough as it was. One of the shluchos (think camp counselors lol), Bracha, did the dirty work for me.

Skeptical About the Chicken Dance

Having Second Thoughts

Here goes nothing!

All-in-all it really wasn’t as terrifying as I was afraid it would be. That’s partly because I never looked up from the prayer book to see the chicken over my head, but mostly because we were spared the awful experience of seeing them go to the butcher (thank G-d).

For anyone thinking that this is utterly barbaric… Yes, it’s odd. Yes, it’s different. No, it’s not voodoo. And no, it’s not barbaric.

I heard someone say that we killed the chickens by swinging them over our heads! AHHHH NOT TRUE! AT ALL!!! You grab them between the wings (the only humane way to grab a chicken) and you move them gently, no swinging. And then they are killed by professionals in the same manner that they are killed on a normal basis to be eaten. And then the chicken is donated as charity to the poor and hungry, which is about as opposite of barbaric as you can get. Besides, killing the chicken in any way except for the shochet (the one who is trained to kill animals for meat) is not only inhumane, but also NOT kosher. So no worries 😉

So to sum it up: Yes, it’s weird. Yes, non-Jews walking around think we’re insane. But no, there is nothing to worry about except making sure that you don’t have chicken for dinner that night. Which by the way, Mayanot did serve us chicken for dinner. Not very many people ate it…


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