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Back to the Bunker October 10, 2010

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In a country constantly war torn and subjugated to terrorism and political strife, finding a stretch of white powder sand, turquoise waters, and clear blue skies is literally heaven on earth. The air was heavy with humidity of the surging ocean waves rolling onto the stretching shore; breathing it in was a taste of home. Close your eyes. The worries of the world melt away with the sound of water pouring over and over itself as the tide fades out to sea. Gorgeous colored seashells are scattered over the pristine sand that is so fine that it’s as if you’re digging your toes into a cloud. The beach is almost empty. No boys running around and ruining the calm of this paradise, just beautiful women enjoying the beautiful weather on one of the most beautiful beaches on earth…

This Tuesday was the last day before we went back to classes and it also happened to be Sabrina’s birthday… sounds like a perfect day for the beach! We all loaded onto the Ashdod bus and just over an hour later we found ourselves back at the bunker. And this time I brought my camera! Enjoy the pictures below!

Ashdod Beach

The Infamous "Beach Bunker" in Ashdod

Ashdod Beach

Entering the Bunker

Ashdod Beach

I Would Retire Here in a Heartbeat

Ashdod Beach

"Ein Od Milvado" - "There is nothing but Him"

Ashdod Beach

Footsteps in the Sand

Ashdod Beach

Sunset in Paradise

Ashdod Beach

Chai on Life

Ashdod Beach

The Sun's Last Moments

Ashdod Beach

A Picture Perfect Ending to the Most Amazing Break


Want to see the rest of the photos?

Click HERE for the unedited photos
Or click HERE for my artsy favorites 🙂


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