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About November 12, 2009

Rucheli ManvilleRucheli Manville

Rucheli (Cathleen) Manville is a fifth-year Industrial Engineering student at the University of Central Florida. She has recently become an observant Jew (Baalat Teshuva) through the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, and after graduating in May 2010 she plans on studying at the Mayanot Seminary in Jerusalem for six months. Right now, Rucheli is currently employed as an Industrial Engineering Associate at Mitsubishi Power Systems – Americas in Orlando, Florida. She also teaches Hebrew School at the Chabad South of Orlando.

Tech, News, and SEO Writing and Proofreading

As far as her writing career goes, Rucheli Manville is a Jewish freelance writer, author, editor, reporter, blogger, and poet. She specializes in technical writing, copy-writing, and SEO writing (Search Engine Optimization), but will write on any topic that strikes her as newsworthy or interesting. She has written and published several articles and papers within the engineering industry, covering areas such as ergonomics, simulation, systems, and routing optimization. She also proofreads and edits in any of the above areas, specializing in technical publications.

Jewish Freelance Writing

Outside of industry, Rucheli is very involved in both the online and printed Jewish news environments. She is the Judaism columnist for the Orlando Examiner online newspaper, and a contributor to the Heritage Florida Jewish News. She frequently writes freelance articles for Jewish newspapers and magazines. Her main clientele at the moment is made up of the four various Chabad Centers in the Orlando-Metro area.

Contact Rucheli

Please contact her directly for requests regarding freelance writing, proofreading, or editing in any subject area, as she is always open to new markets.

Email her at or read her column at


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